"Leather is my all time favorite material! I love its look, smell and that it always seems to have a personality of its own. No two pieces are ever the same, which creates a uniqueness not found anywhere else."

​All items on this website are made from 100% genuine leather purchased in Italy. Being a qualified saddler and shoemaker, I am able to identify the best quality leather which is the only thing I use for my products.


That has lead me to Conceria Walpier, a tannery in the Tuscan tanning district. Founded in 1974 they are widely known for their 100% vegetable tanned leathers (meaning they don't use chemicals) that have now become synonymous with Italian quality and excellence all over the world.

The suede used for the top and bottom lining in the round boxes is purchased in Denmark and comes in many beautiful colours.


A tannery takes leather - a waste product from the meat industry - and transforms this unused product into a valuable material. The leather does not go to waste but is instead recycled and reused.

The leather I use has what is called an aniline finish. Giving it a very natural look with a deep, warm and earty colour.


​Leather is a natural material and will only become more beautiful and gain more character as it is used, but here are a few useful tips to help keep your items looking fresh:

-Leather can get stained if it gets wet, so always look to keep it as covered as you can if you have to take anything out into the rain. If an item does get wet, allow it to dry naturally. Do not put it next to a heat source.


-Direct sunlight can make the colour of the leather fade, so be aware of where you leave your goods for a prolonged period of time..

-Use leather caring products with natual ingredients like beeswax and always treat the entire surface not just specific spots.

All of my leather goods can be taken into use as soon as you receive them. If you decide to clean or condition an item, first treat a small test area to see how the leather reacts before treating the entire surface.