Do you have a bridle with a broken loop, or maybe a bag where the stitching has come undone? Now is your time to get it fixed!

Leather is an amazing material for many reasons, but two of the main reasons have to be the sustainability and incredible life span it possesses. Therefore it is such a shame when a small tear puts an item out of use.. 

Having studied leatherwork for three years, I have a superb knowledge of leather and will happily look at any repair request. Please feel free to contact me using social media, email or the contact page, with a brief description of your request along with some images if possible.

My workshop is located just outside Jelling, Denmark, so the item in question needs to be delivered or sent here to be repaired. You will need to review and accept a quote before any work begins.

Please note that I do not make saddle or shoe adjustments.

Two bags arrived to my workshop to have their staps mended. Pictures show before and after.