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The Beginning Of Si-Ri

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

After struggling to find a way to get my tools shipped from England, they finally arrived on the 12th of April and I immediately dove head first into making my business idea come to life.

I moved back to Denmark in the beginning of 2021 and moved in at my family's farm. Here I began on all the technical aspects of starting up my business, while my tools where still in the UK.

“I began considering what kind of items I wanted to make and initial sketching and basic patterns started taking shape.”

A lot of research went into finding the best suppliers. For my leather and most of my belt buckles I went to Italiy, where I found the best quality products I have ever had the pleasure of putting my hands on.

Tool delivery

With the help of friends in Denmark and Manchester, came April I had a full set of tools and was ready to start the 'real' work. The first thing I made was a box. Then I made another one, and then another one, all the time amending things like the height, diameter and stitch size until I was 100% satisfied with my final result.

This eventually led me to having the first product, ready to be added to my website which I had started work on months earlier. After getting some nice photographs and putting the final touches on my product describtion, it was on to the next project!

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