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The Story Behind My Logo

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

The name of my business obviously stems from my own name Siri, but why not go in a different direction and why add a hyphen?

After Apple decided to use my name for their virtual assistent in 2011, I have lost count of the jokes I have heard over the years, some of them being more inspired than others..

“Siri?? Like the iPhone?”

Despite of this I have always liked my name, so when I started doing leather work in 2015 and I was sat with my step dad brainstorming business names, they all evolved around my first name.

Yes To Laughter

Those who know me will all confirm that I am generally a very smiley person. I have a habbit of laughing to myself, to the point where my friends have given up on asking why, as it more often than not turns out to be about something stupid or at least not that funny.

So when my step dad realised the beginning of my name 'Si', meaning yes in Spanish, was followed by 'Ri' a a conjugation of to laugh in french, it seemed perfect. We added the hyphen to emphasize this and made the 'R' a capital letter for a better visual effect and were very happy with the result.

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