My workshop is located at Østbjerglund, where I spend every day designing, cutting and stitching in the most gorgeous surroundings.

I live and work at my family's farm in Denmark just outside of Jelling. Here there is an incredible amount of space, so ideas can stretch out unlimited. We have two horses, Moonie and Baloo as well as our cat Sigurd, who is always up for causing trouble.

The farm is in the middle of the beautiful ice age landscape and looking out the window is an every day joy.



All my products are sewn in hand using the traditional saddle stitching technique.

Since my leather career began, stitching has been my favourite thing to do. I began hand stitching leather at college when I was 15, where I was taught how to make a beautifully slanted, incredibly durable stitch. 


I use pricking irons to mark on the leather where my stitch will go. Pricking irons look like forks, but the ones I use have angled teeth and come in different sizes which determine how big the stitch will be.

You can not just push needles through leather, like you can with fabric. Here you first have to awl through each stitch, before the needle comes into use.


I stitch with linen thread waxed with beeswax. This thread is very strong and is designed for handstitching. 

The leather is held securely in clams, that could easily be confused with giant tweezers.